The end game of nuclear proliferation is peace.

Since my book covers the topic of nuclear proliferation I am asked on a regular basis about the situation in North Korea, if it fits within the thesis of my book.

End Game is about the end game of nuclear proliferation.

It connects the dots between World War I, the Balfour Declaration, and the formation of Israel after World War II by the United Nations. Specifically the end game of nuclear proliferation as it relates to world peace. I show how technology is the most accurate way to track both trend and trajectory, as it does not submit to the Law of Diminishing Returns, rather Accelerating Change. I explain how nuclear proliferation necessitates mediation and the need for a broker of world peace, how it sets the stage for biblical fulfillment and how we operate in a constant Nash equilibrium of mutual assured destruction, whereas when crossed, will likely lead to nuclear disarmament and world peace brokered by a false savior, as prophesied in scripture. I projected Turkey rising, which has occurred since the release of the book, and the implications for the Ottoman Empire seeking to take back what was taken from them as a result of World War I. This was specifically addressed by Erdogan during the last uprising on the Temple Mount this year.

There are implications to the formal establishment of Israel in 1948 after World War II.

The uniting of both Israel and Judah in the land was fulfilling, not seen since before the Assyrian Captivity. Before the formation of the State of Israel much of the prophecy related to the ‘end of days’ did not make sense and was seen either as historic fulfillment or symbolic in nature. The regathering of Israel had real implications to the Ezekiel 37 passage, The Valley of Dry Bones, the “Reunion of Judah and Israel” (V.15-33) as well as other prophecies surrounding the restoration of Israel. We are reaching a convergence of significant generational markers that typically mean completion, at least they did historically in scripture. These markers suggest next stage fulfillment. A war, which, I believe can be exegetically interpreted not as a supernatural event but the use of extreme modern warfare to defend Israel.

The fact that nuclear war and a constant ‘war of words’ is at the forefront of our news is not a surprise to me.

We operate in a Nash equilibrium and have since World War II, both official and non-official cold war. A Nash equilibrium is a stalemate produced by a weapon of mass destruction, such as a nuclear weapon. Since the effect of the use of said weapon is so devastating it de-incentivizes either side from pulling the trigger. That is, if you have a sound and rational person in control of these weapons. This is what Alfred Nobel sought out to create when he was seeking a super weapon that would “end all war”, thus promoting forced peace.

The end game is peace and as the world slides deeper into chaos know that the position of power in the years ahead will not be to join in the fight but to allow your enemies to fight each other and to step in at the end as the leader, or mediator. That is the game plan you are witnessing today.

Geopolitics of Significance

North Korea is not the end game, Jerusalem is the end game. Kim Jong is no different than a Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein, a rogue leader that stands in the way of globalization. Although obviously unstable any military engagement with North Korea would not be the nuclear end game mentioned in my book. I am specifically looking for a weapon of mass destruction to be used by Israel to protect the north, that is the area of the Golan and even outside Israel, from Hezbollah (Iran), Russia (who is operating in Syria) and Turkey.

I expect the Temple Mount to play a key role in this.

Contrary to popular opinion we actually are nearing a window where fulfillment of the next steps are possible. The zero hour of my window is from Yom Kippur through the end of next year. All the players of the war mentioned by Ezekiel are in place and the timing is right, at least based on historical significance of generational markers as they suggest biblical completion. Time will tell but that is what to watch.

The uprising on the Temple Mount this year was very different than previous Palestinian uprisings and I see the water temperature at the right mark for things to finally boil over.

Things that are occurring under the radar which also suggest significant systemic change are that of cryptocurrency and the move by China to step away from the petrodollar. Sanctions against North Korea by the United States have accelerated China’s plan for a gold backed Yuan that will compete against the US petrodollar as a reserve currency. Venezuela, which seems to be the lead element and test for what is to come, is using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a means to survive and has stopped accepting US dollars as payment for crude oil imports. The official switch to the PetroYuan in conjunction with the USD decline, given the strategic nature of the timing, are all something to watch.

There have been reports that Egypt’s el-Sisi is about to broker a major breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. However, it is not el-Sisi who is of significance, this is actually the work of Jared Kushner. Kushner, who has been charged to lead the Middle East peace process by the United States stepped in this year to calm the uprising at the Temple Mount behind the scenes. Also, the US held back $100M in aid to Egypt in July, a financial squeeze with the goal of accomplishing help in this effort. The hold was due to Egypt’s failure to make progress on respecting human rights and democracy but largely to gain the help of Egypt’s el-Sisi in brokering peace. (Source)

Are these all just rumblings and another tremor, or, are we looking at significant events in the near future?

Time will tell, but these are items to be watching.