Whether it was Brexit or the election of Donald Trump, revolution is sweeping the globe and this is just the beginning.

There was a time when a revolution started with a man but He was more than a man, God came to earth from Heaven in a humble and lowly position. Creation cried out His arrival, the heavens pointed the way, and religious leaders were nowhere to be seen.

His ministry was humble. He did not boast, He was quiet and powerful, He operated in Kingdom power and He was not concerned about the kingdoms of man. His name was Jesus.

Satan offered the world to Jesus but somehow we believe that the prince of this world doesn’t control the power of America, the most powerful nation on earth.

It is time to wake up.

The time has come which I was concerned about where the children of God, malnourished and only drinking spiritual milk, are ill-equipped with the biblical knowledge necessary to discern and test what is happening around them. Deceptions are emerging, even from the elect, and it is imperative to speak up and to apply the Bible especially as it relates to eschatology.

Yes, it is that hour.

After my meeting with Yehuda Glick in Israel this year I wrote to inform you about most of it. In my writing to you I shared that whether Hillary or Trump were elected didn’t matter, the signs point to a peace treaty and a move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which would be a check-mate in the Zionist march and the re-establishment of Israel, the future center of one-world religion and a sweeping ecumenical movement from the Temple Mount.

World War I was the beginning of the liberation of Palestine and the convergence of dates points to an incoming completion of the Zionist crusade.

In order to be very succinct and clear with my points, and to save time, I am going to use bullet points in order to share what is happening and what needs to be brought to your attention.

  • Jubilee – My meeting with Yehuda Glick gave me the information I needed. He stated that 2017 was the “Jubilee” or their 50th in the Gregorian calendar and also stated the importance of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration in 2017. The Temple Institute also holds that 5777 is the true Jubilee Year. There is a discrepancy of one year based on whether the 50th pauses the sabbatical cycles. Regardless, the Jubilee Year is supposed to fall on the year after the sabbatical year, which doesn’t add up. It means that based on their secular and widespread observed sabbatical calendar they are celebrating the Jubilee a year late, or, there is a connection to the Balfour Declaration. It is something I will be watching in the coming year.
  • US Embassy – There was a Charismatic prophet who claimed that Trump would win and sweep the election. This man also claimed Trump to be the “chaos candidate” and a Cyrus figure based on Isaiah 45. This is an obvious out-of-context use of the text. So far the prophecy has proven true, Trump has at least won the electoral vote barring faithless electors. But I am cautious, and here is why. If true, the Cyrus figure in the end times is the Antichrist, the figure who brings false peace to Israel, brokers the peace treaty and initiates the rebuilding of the Temple. I met with Yehuda Glick this year to tell him it was time to rebuild. Obviously, this is very concerning. I went to Israel moved by the Spirit. So Trump’s win, a dark horse candidate, is something I will be watching in the coming year. Trump has boldly declared moving the Embassy which has serious implications. However, Jews are still looking for a messiah to rise from among their people. Trump’s son-in-law, a Jewish-American, is said to be the secret weapon in Trump’s “art of the deal” tactics for Israel. His son-in-law purchased 666 Fifth Avenue on his arrival to New York and his rise to prominence. There are red flags here and it warrants caution.
  • The Embassy Act – After I met with Yehuda Glick in Israel in August, Mike Huckabee met with him in September. Although news that Mike Huckabee would help move the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the US Ambassador to Israel was proven false, it is still concerning the lack of discernment from Christian leadership. Here is why:

The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 calls for the US to relocate the Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Every President since Bill Clinton has waived the act, based on a provision of waiver in Section 7. This is due in part to the nature of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and the obvious negative consequences of declaring the contested epicenter to Israel. Thus, the bill is pending final status talks in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is contingent on an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty. That is, the covenant evangelicals have been waiting for post re-established Israel. Serious movement towards this end should have our attention.

In 2015, the same year the Palestinian flag was raised at the UN, the bill was amended.

The Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2015 was introduced in 2015 and allows for provision to speed up the process of the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to relocate the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

>> This is where it gets very important.

Section 7 of the 1995 Act, which enables the President to use the Waiver of Authority, was striked in the 2015 version, removing the President’s ability to waive action. Meaning that once passed, the President would be forced to move forward.

The timetable of the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2015 is very significant, as it allows for funding for “Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad” from the Department of State through 2017, ending in 2018, which would be on target for the convergence of dates I wrote about in my book.

If this bill passes in 2017 we could anticipate the movement of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel based on the target in the bill of 2018. This of course is contingent on an Israeli-Palestinian peace covenant. Regardless of who inks the deal, what is of more importance is our placement in the Biblical timeline. Everything points to a changing of seasons, the completion of the Time of the Gentiles and the beginning of the Tribulation. I talk about our trajectory in my book at length.

Needless to say, now is not the time to be placing our faith in men and savior figures of any type that rise up from the earth. Rather, to be leading people to pure Jesus worship and preparing for faithful perseverance. There are serious theological holes in pre-Tribulation rapture teaching, which I will explain later, and I believe the Church needs to be prepared for tribulation.

Everything from God comes down, everything of Satan rises from the earth.

I am thankful in this Christmas season that the Messiah came down to earth, that the Holy Spirit comes down and that ultimately, Christ will return from His seat of glory next to the Father. As James wrote, that every good and precious gift is from above.

There is no one higher than our God.

We do not rise, we ask the Holy Spirit to come down and we move in His power. We lift up Christ so that He will draw all men to Himself. The humbling of man leads to the exaltation of Christ and a movement of the Holy Spirit.

I am thankful He came to earth and took our place, aren’t you?

It is time to put politics aside and for leaders, shepherds, to lead their people to pure Jesus worship and away from the idolatry of America.

More twists and turns are coming. More revolution will occur. More unrest will ensue. It will become increasingly important to be united in Christ and for non-partisan leaders to emerge.

Trump is likely a fall guy and a set up. Those who initiated the Balfour Declaration and began the Federal Reserve will move in the coming years to bring completion to the plan through a perfect storm of events and the false savior will rise to pick up the pieces.

Now is not the time, nor has it ever been the time, to put our faith in man.

It is time to put our faith, hope and trust in the real Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s lift up Christ so that He calls men to Himself and we see the revival we are praying for.