Tipping Point: War of The Ages

The recent invasion of Israel by Hamas has set into motion a very serious turn of events that could have biblical and prophetic implications.

In my original book, End Game, I speak about the end game of nuclear proliferation. It states that the only reason we’ve had relative peace since 1948, and by that I mean we have yet to see World War III, is because of the Nash Equilibrium brought on by the advent of nuclear weapons. However, that equilibrium may end soon.

In End Game, I connect World War I and the Mandate Palestine period to World War II and the restoration of Israel. Specifically, the use of nuclear weapons in World War II as a necessary component to restore the State of Israel. Also, the potential direct correlation of nuclear weapons to Ezekiel 38-39, the next and final stages preceding the Tribulation.

It is clear that World War I and World War II brought about the restoration of Israel, Ezekiel 37, The Valley of Dry Bones and the restoration of Israel as one people, under one king. The use of nuclear weapons to end World War II was also significant. The existence of nuclear weapons, and nuclear proliferation post World War II, created a Nash Equilibrium. However, it is empowering the enemies of Israel, such as Iran. This is pushing the status quo in the Middle East to a tipping point.

In what is being called the 9/11 of Israel, in the wake of the Hamas invasion of Israel from Gaza, it would be wise to pay attention to what is going on in the Middle East. Here are some Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways

  • What is called the War in Ukraine is actually the Russo-Ukrainian War. It started well before the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It dates back to the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and that is when I began writing about the End Game (written in 2015 and published in 2016).
  • Turkey, Russia, and Iran formally aligned in 2017, in something called the Astana Process (Astana Accords). It took place in the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. In a joint statement in July of 2021, Russia, Iran, and Turkey reaffirmed their stance to oppose plans aimed at undermining a unified Syria.
  • The invasion of Israel by Hamas (2023) occurred on the 50th Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War (1973).
  • We are entering into the Month of Cheshvan (or Marcheshvan) which is connected to the Third Temple.

To understand the current situation in Gaza you have to go back to 2005 when Israel withdrew its settlers and forces from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli disengagement from Gaza (Hebrew: תוכנית ההתנתקות, romanized: Tokhnit HaHitnatkut) was the unilateral dismantling of Israeli settlements in Gaza and the evacuation of Israeli settlers and army from inside the Gaza Strip. Ariel Sharon did this to, in his estimation, improve Israel’s security and international status in the absence of political negotiations to end the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Following the evacuation of Israeli settlers from Gaza, in 2007 Hamas would take control of the Gaza Strip during the Battle of Gaza, seizing government institutions and replacing Fatah and other Palestinian Authority (PA) officials with Hamas members. It brought us into what is called the Blockade of the Gaza Strip and it has been ongoing since 2007.

There have been many flare ups and engagements, or operations, between Israel and Hamas since then.

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, I started writing about Russia, modern day Asia Minor, and the future crossover of anniversaries that were coming for Israel along with their potential significance. Today, we may be on the verge of a historic land expansion for Israel, that which my books End Game and End Game Part II speak about.

The Hebrew Month of Cheshvan and The Third Temple

What you won’t hear anyone talking about is the importance of the Jewish month that we are entering into. The Hebrew month of Cheshvan (or Marcheshvan). This month has direct prophetic implications to the rebuilding of the Third Temple and the coming of the Moshiach (or messiah) to the Jews. They are taught that it is “reserved” for the time of Moshiach, who will inaugurate the Third Temple.

I must state, and this is important, that the Jewish version of the messiah is not the Jesus of the Bible. Hebrew teaching of the “Moshiach” is based on Old Testament scripture that Christians believe was fulfilled in Christ. The modern day Jewish concept of the Moshiach, or messiah, is influenced by Jewish mysticism known as Kaballah and rather sets up what Christians would call the Antichrist, or the false messiah, who allows Israel to rebuild the Temple and then desecrates it during the Tribulation.

The Future is Now

The rebuilding of the Temple is prophesied to occur during the Tribulation. I started writing about this in 2014. Here is what we have seen since.

  1. The blood moon tetrad of 2014–2015, which occurred on Jewish holy days and pointed to a major change in Israel, preceded the moving of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the 70th Gregorian anniversary of Israel (2018). 2018 was the convergence window mentioned in End Game, the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel (WWII) and the 100th Anniversary of Mandate Palestine (WWI).
  2. During the blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015, Russia would invade and annex Crimea from Ukraine, known as the 2014 Crimean Crisis. This began the Russo-Ukrainian War, which is still ongoing. Russia would later invade Ukraine on Feb 24, 2022.
  3. In 2017 the nations of Turkey, Russia, and Iran would formally align through the Astana Accords in Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan.
  4. The invasion of Israel by Hamas has started a chain reaction, of which may directly impact the status quo in the region and expand the borders/boundaries of Israel, fulfilling biblical prophecy.

As I stated in my last article, before the Israel-Hamas War:

“I maintain the conviction that this is either the precursor to or beginning phases of the military engagement and events prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39, which initiates the Tribulation. This is why our world is the way it is. We are in the end game. I believe that significant changes are coming to the Temple Mount.

Where we stand, only time will tell, but I believe the prayers being offered today will be answered with biblical fulfillment.”

We stand at what appears to be a major tipping point with the potential for prophetic fulfillment.