Before peace, there is war.

It was November 8, 2008.

My ministry at the time was worship leading and it was the night of my album release. The band that I was playing with that night was not my usual team. They were acquaintances, some I had just met, and we were hanging out in the green room back stage before the worship set.

It was the election year of Barack Obama, he had just been elected four days earlier, and my drummer that evening said something very random.

“We are studying the meaning of names at church. Did you know that Barak in Hebrew means “lightning”.

I didn’t think anything of it. We went on stage, the night continued, and exhausted later that evening I fell asleep. The next day was Sunday. As I woke up laying in bed that comment came to mind, so I researched it on my phone. Sure enough, he was right. But still, I didn’t think anything of it and went to church later that morning.

I was in Sunday school that day staring out the window overlooking a pond, not really paying attention to the message because I was still thinking about the night before.

Then, out of nowhere, the teacher read from Luke 10.

“Yes,” He told them, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning!” – Luke 10:18

Stunned, I walked out of church slowly as people passed me by rushing to the parking lot. Once outside I looked up and prayed, “Lord, was that you? Did you just tell me what I think you did?”.

Now, I have been testing the spirits for years and I am still testing the spirits. But typically in my life, when the Holy Spirit is speaking, He does so in like manner. Where it is spoken clearly and confirmed through His word.

Needless to say, since 2008, long before I started writing about geopolitics and eschatology, I have been carefully watching and observing.

I share this with you for “just a time as this” because it appears this information is needed.

This weekend will be a very important peace summit in Paris. It will likely be telling but also catalytic. Most importantly you need to be watching Barack Obama. He isn’t as weak as people think, he is extremely calculated and knows exactly what he is doing. There is a reason for the last minute moves at the UN, the UN Security Council decision against Israel and the move of US troops to Poland.

In my book, End Game, I explain the connection between nuclear proliferation and world peace. How Alfred Nobel was really trying to create a “super weapon that would end all war” and bring about world peace. The nuclear bomb, which ended World War II, being said weapon. It creates the military doctrine known as MAD or mutual assured destruction. We have been operating in a cold war, formally or informally, since the end of World War II for this very reason. The availability of nuclear weapons leads to inevitable disarmament, but to formalize their removal they must first be utilized.

In short, there is a reason why Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, only 11 days after taking office. The answer is foreshadowing. Per the Norwegian Nobel Committee it was because of his promotion of nuclear non-proliferation. He would receive the award in Oslo, where he discussed the tensions between war and peace. The significance of Oslo being the connection to the Oslo Accords.

In 2010 he would later go on to start the Nuclear Security Summit, a meeting laden with occult and Satanic symbols.

The answer is that to broker world peace you must first create a conflict so big, that the world wants to disarm and you are proven right with an “I told you so”.

This is likely the reason for the intentional creation of instability in the Middle East region, which has created everything we see today, from ISIL, to Syria, the European immigration problem or the rise of Russia as a power in the region.

As I mention in my book, the war of Ezekiel 38-39 is likely a nuclear war and not supernatural intervention from God. The weapon Alfred Nobel was searching for, which he sought for the reason of forcing world peace, will do so temporarily. You will have to read my book for further explanation. Signs point to this war on the horizon and they are picking up at a rapid pace.

Russia, Turkey and Iran are all strengthened and aligned. Libya recently joined as an ally. You can read more here:

>> Putin Promotes Libyan Strongman as New Ally After Syria Victory

>> Russian Warship Hosts Libya’s Haftar as Putin Courts New Ally

Manipulation by the UN towards Israel is purposeful and strategic. It is timely and fits within all major markers that I have mentioned in previous posts. It is intentional provocation. Also, likely connected is the recent move of US troops to Poland, meant to provoke Russia into action. The peace summit in Paris this weekend is likely one final push, to force Israel into action.

As I have said before, a move of the Embassy to Jerusalem prior to the peace treaty stated in the Jerusalem Embassy Act would light a fuse, making Trump a chaos candidate of Biblical proportions. There are multiple persons of interest here, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is now Senior Advisor to PEOTUS Trump.

The point is that we are reaching a crossroads and this intersection has Biblical implications. Our trajectory is prophetic fulfillment and events are transpiring within significant generational markers. It should be awakening the Church to the urgency of the hour, however the Church is asleep.

The call of the hour is for spiritual discernment and prayer, for awakening. To come out of ‘Babylon’ and to be a Daniel who rises above the current of the world.

As time progresses I hope to share more. I am working on a new book and follow up resources. I am asking the Lord for guidance and will share what He allows me to. But make no mistake about it, war is coming. As the Latin expression goes:

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

If you want peace, prepare for war.