It was A.W. Tozer who said that:

“Christian liberty is freedom from sin, not freedom to sin.” – A.W. Tozer

This is the fundamental difference in the freedom of the Christian faith vs the liberty of America. American liberty is freedom of religion with the right to equality, regardless of race, religion, social status or even sexuality. Christian liberty is freedom from sin, obedience to Jesus, they are two entirely different precepts.

This is the cause for the spirit of confusion today.

Sinclair Ferguson states it this way:

“True Christian liberty, unlike the various freedom or liberation movements of the secular world, is not a matter of demanding the rights we have. Dare one say that the American Founding Fathers, for all their wisdom, may have inadvertently triggered off a distortion of Christianity by speaking about our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? The Christian realizes that before God he or she possesses no rights by nature.”

This fundamental misunderstanding between the difference of Christian liberty and American liberty has created an amalgamation of patriotism and faith, leading to not only a perverted Gospel message but a misrepresentation of God’s character. To claim America as a Christian nation is to then bring America under Christian ideals and God’s Law, which must in turn be enforced or we misrepresent the nature of God to the unbelieving world.

However, Biblical freedom and American freedom are fundamentally different.

American liberty is freedom of religion and even from religion. Not only do Americans not have to subject themselves to God’s Word if they do not believe in Jesus, we have no right to use the head office of America to enforce our beliefs. Ironically, this is the very reason why America was founded.

America is free from religious tyranny, yes, even Christian tyranny.

Although America claims to be “One Nation Under God” there is no mention of who that God is. You must define God by name. It is likely rooted in the Freemason concept of God, where the definition is left to each person’s interpretation, allowing for an ecumenical social structure, one that allows for freedom of religious choice.

A Spiritual Battle of the Heart

The good news is that this battle is fought in the spiritual realm, not in the courts. It is a battle for the hearts and souls of men, not for the Constitution of America.

I am here to tell you today, and you can timestamp this, that the Constitution will win out in favor of Democracy. That the ideals of the Christian faith are one of many religious ideals in America and we deserve no preferential treatment. In fact, the preferential treatment that our current President is giving Christians today will fall back on us leading to real persecution when the pendulum shifts.

We didn’t learn our lesson.

We are returning to the failed political tactics of the Moral Majority, which actually brought us to the place we are at today. The irony in the Moral Majority mindset is that by enforcing your morals by law you actually push people away, making morality a minority. It is counterproductive and folly.

But folly is the word of the hour and we have been given a man of folly as our leader.

Chaos and Confusion

The most compelling case for our condition and trajectory is the spirit of chaos and confusion growing in America today. In scripture, when God is fighting against a people He brings chaos and confusion into their camp, eventually leading to their demise.

Yes, you do have a “chaos candidate” and his pride will go before the fall.

Chaos and confusion are the curse of disobedience and this is a wake up call for the Church in America. The truth is, my friend, that Barack Obama is not responsible. We are cowards and liars to shuck responsibility and claim our failure is due to liberal agenda. This is due to our disobedience.

  • Disobedience to pray.
  • Disobedience to evangelize.
  • Disobedience to make disciples.

The Church is largely disobedient, the pastors carry the weight as savior figures, we have made it an emotional driven personality cult experience where grace supersedes the call to repent and walk with God. It has brought us to this grim and serious reality, that God will not be mocked, you reap what you sow.

Since we are the preserving agent of this secular nation, our obedience or disobedience has serious consequences. This is not about America’s obedience to a God they don’t even serve, this is about the disobedience of the Church.

The only cure for disobedience is obedience.

Where do we go from here?

We obey. Obedience is greater than sacrifice.

It starts with prayer, asking for personal revival in our hearts and a clarion call of repentance to go out in the Body of Christ. We have to destroy idols, America being one of many. We start prayer meetings beyond our regular routine, yes, prayer meetings. Then as the Holy Spirit empowers we actively take the Gospel into our cities.

We must seek His face above all else.

The impetus is on leaders, the shepherds, to lead people away from idol worship, from worshiping God and ________ to pure Jesus worship. Also, for the parishioners to take up the yoke of the Gospel, to obey the Great Commission and to engage in the work rather than being spectators.

We have to go back to the basics, we have to go back to the upper room and ask the Holy Spirit for His power to convict the hearts of the people and this must first begin in the Church.

I invite you to pray with me.

Pray for God to shake the Church, for real humility and even humiliation so that we are humbled and brought low to the feet of Jesus. That everything is stripped away, even the god of America, the god of politics and power, and most importantly the god of money.