I am holding my sons when they should still be in my wife’s womb. Think about that for a second.

I know their personalities. I know their temperament. I am holding them in my arms.

They hold my finger.

As I previously wrote, and for those that don’t know me, we have sons that were born pre-maturely on New Years Eve. They are in the NICU right now and weigh in at 3 pounds each.

You always see those banners from anti-abortion protestors but even if you are pro-life you never put a name to those kids. Those kids whose fetuses are represented in those banners. The voice of the unborn.

In America, human life can be taken up to 24 weeks according to the Supreme Court.

My sons were born at 28 weeks.

There is a point where the lungs and skin are not fully developed and they can not handle being outside of the womb. At 22 weeks the child moves from having a 0% chance of survival to a 10% chance and it increases from there. But regardless of viability somewhere in the fray we came to believe that we can play God and terminate a human life.

Abortion is the greatest injustice on earth.

This is not a political issue…. this is a human rights issue.

Abortion has occurred in various forms throughout history. It has evolved from crude methods such as digesting certain herbs or causing trauma to a woman’s abdomen to the surgical procedures of today. But just as increased technology is changing our methods, it is increasing our awareness to what is really going on in the womb.

At just 4 weeks after conception my wife and I were able to see our sons heartbeats.

It is the miracle of life.

During our season of infertility our thoughts and conversation drifted towards adoption. We still plan to adopt and going through the pre-mature birth of our sons has made me more passionate about it. Why?

Because every child deserves a chance.

How can we in America fund children’s hospitals yet allow the lives of unborn children to be terminated? It is double minded. At the very least it is counterproductive.

My response to unwanted pregnancies, no matter how they are conceived, is that there are future parents that will take them. There are couples that want to be parents and will take them and give them a loving home. Some can’t get pregnant, some just choose to adopt. Regardless, there is hope for your child.

There is no shame in admitting you are not ready to be a parent, in fact there is great humility in that. But we must look at life giving solutions for these unborn children rather than death.

We must look at life giving solutions, rather than life taking procedures.

How about in America we focus on improving our adoption system? If we placed the resources and funds into helping women find parents for their children not only would our nation grow but there would be life and love.

That is what America needs.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat we are all Americans and abortion is killing our future.

I will give my life and my voice for those children. Will you help me?

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