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The drums of war, once on the horizon, are beating louder as strategic conflict draws near.

In my last update I started with the tag line prepare for war. Since then Turkey has formed a formal operation [Operation Olive Branch] and is operating in northern Syria. Russia, the self imposed kingpin of the region, is acting as a buffer between Turkey, Iran and Western nations. With Iranian proxy Hezbollah recently sparking a conflict in southern Syria are we headed into the prophesied war that occurs before the Tribulation setting up the peace covenant which informally reveals the Antichrist, the broker of peace, and begins the 7 year period of judgement?

Although many believe this to be an impossibility, that the Church will not be here to witness these events, there are large and serious holes in pre-Tribulation rapture teaching which at the very least need to be taken into account as this teaching could lead to miscalculation and serve as a catalyst for great apostasy. I will share more and refute the teaching in the days ahead.

The declaration in December of last year, that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, by the President of the United States was timely and in sync with the timeline detailed in my book. The United States is simply a descendant of Great Britain, the Roman Province of Britannia, and a new world extension of old world Rome. Recent confirmation by the United States that the US embassy will move to Jerusalem in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel confirms the convergence zone mentioned in my book and has occurred within the Zero Hour I wrote about last October. This move marks formal completion of the Zionist crusade for Jerusalem which will occur on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I and the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. The crusade was to (a) take back the Holy Land, documented in the Balfour Declaration, and (b) restore the State of Israel while placing the talisman of the Seal of Solomon over Israel through the United Nations. It has spiritual and historical significance. This marks Rome coming full circle, back to a restored Israel on their 70th anniversary and is significant in that Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD after the death of Christ. It suggests fulfillment of an age or epoch and the beginning of a new season or next steps.

It should also be noted that the death of Billy Graham, who was clearly anointed by the Lord, happened within this epoch. Although 99 years old he was in his 100th year, 1918-2018. He represents a harvest season for America, new world Rome, and the world. His death during this exact moment of convergence is likely no coincidence and is further confirmation of a shift from harvest season to winter, potentially foreshadowing the end of the Time of the Gentiles.

As noted in my December writing, Declaration, Donald Trump’s declaration was 100 years from the Balfour Declaration. The current convergence zone is simply the end of an epoch that started in 1907 [Panic of 1907], manifested in 2007 through similar financial crisis and transitions formally as the 100th year anniversary of the end of WWI and the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel converge [1918-2018].

All eyes are on northern Israel and any provocation by Turkey, Russia and Iran in southern Syria could lead to larger, potentially prophetic conflict.

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