A storm is coming.

While all seems quiet on the western front the first outer bands of the financial storm have hit.

It was early 2014 when the Lord started revealing to me what I would call the 9/11 Cycles. I would later learn about the Shemitah, even though I still haven’t read the book. After learning about the Shemitah cycles I decided to re-open my brokerage account and play the stock market. I wanted to learn what was going on from the inside.

I started following traders on Twitter. I can tell you that the information you need, the real information, is not on the evening news (CNN or FoxNews)… it is on Twitter. Twitter is not a great social network (in my opinion) but by far the best news aggregator on the planet. Want to know what is going on in Greece? Search Twitter for independent news and updates from people on the ground.

Want to learn what is really going on in the stock market? Follow day traders.

My advice in this information age is not to be force fed information from any news outlet but to do your own homework. If God prompts something, research it. What I have seen over the past year of trading is what I expected, something big is coming.

But markets rebound, so what is the big deal… right?

Not so fast.

We are talking about a market crash and bear market that is deeper than 2008. You are looking at global contagion in financial markets. This would likely result in capital controls in America and abroad. We are looking at a restructuring of central banking around the world and potentially a new reserve currency and overhauled financial system.

It appears we are literally setting up for a Jubilee Year where financial debts are forgiven. If the American domino were to fall we would see a domino effect around the globe of debt insolvency leading to mass write-offs.

That is, if we donʼt go to war first.

The Red Line

In September of last year I wrote a blog called The Red Line which spoke to the increasing nuclear tension in the Middle East and the red line Israel had in place regarding Iran. That line has been crossed, we now have a nuclear arms race and as I stated in that article I believe Israel preemptively strikes. As also stated in that article we live in an era of asymmetric warfare, we should expect more action from drones and cyber attack.

What we know is that ISIS (Sunni) is on the war path to create an end times caliphate. We also know that Iran (Shia) is now going to be well funded to increase support for Hezbollah. China has recently stated that they are going to build nuclear reactors in Iran. Everything is starting to align magically around the 70 year anniversary of the Nation of Israel (2018).

What is most disturbing is that The President of the United States created the Nuclear Security Summit in 2010 (laden with occult and Satanic symbols) and now has given Iran access to a nuclear bomb creating a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Creating demand for a peace treaty from the very entity he created is suspect at best.

On top of this Israel is ripe for a 3rd Palestinian Intifada. ISIS has suddenly dropped off the news or is at least getting less coverage and all appears to be calm. Apparently they got bored raping women, brutally murdering Christians and pillaging their way through the Levant. Or maybe the news leads went cold on purpose.


Indexes are hovering around key support levels and I expect markets to remain choppy until September. Yes, everything is pointing to a ‘Shemitah’ style market crash that should be deeper than 2008. This could happen anytime during the month of September or October, it could start earlier.

Needless to say I am carefully watching and preparing. If even a piece of this resonates with you then I believe it to be wise for families to prepare for some volatility in the coming years. After all it does say in scripture:

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” – Proverbs 27:12

It is time to wake up.

**Note: A few weeks after this blog the market (Dow) crashed nearly 1,000 points in one day. But, the Shemitah of 2015 did not impact the markets. However, we are still on track for a global currency reset, and it appears the shift will be from government central banking to the IMF. Namely, a move to the SDR at the IMF as the world reserve currency, a move away from the US Dollar. We expect this in either 2017 or 2018. In short, what is coming is bigger than we expected and could very well be the beginning of the Tribulation. Dated: 1/31/17