Paradigm Shift — Boom and Bust Cycles, Bitcoin, and The Middle East

The signs are there that suggest we are on the precipice of something major.

As I wrote in my book, End Game II, many things were fulfilled following 2015 (when I wrote End Game) through 2022. Here are some of those major events in order:

  • The blood moon tetrad of 2014–2015, which occurred on Jewish holy days and pointed to a major change in Israel. It preceded the moving of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the 70th Gregorian anniversary of Israel (2018). 2018 was the convergence window mentioned in End Game, the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel (WWII) and the 100th Anniversary of Mandate Palestine (WWI).
  • During the blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015, Russia would invade and annex Crimea from Ukraine, known as the 2014 Crimean Crisis. This began the Russo-Ukrainian War, still ongoing.
  • Trump was elected POTUS in 2016. Trump’s election in 2016 would prove to be consequential to everything that was going to occur in Israel.
  • Trump’s Declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017 occurred exactly 100 years from the 1917 Balfour Declaration.
  • In 2017 the nations of Turkey, Russia, and Iran would formally align through the Astana Accords in Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan.
    Bitcoin would become mainstream in 2017.
  • COVID occurred in 2019, 100 years from the Spanish Flu (1918–1920).
  • The Abraham Accords were brokered (2020) and Israel was moved to CENTCOM (2021).
  • The post COVID stimulus rally of 2021 would catapult Bitcoin and crypto into mainstream adoption, even into sovereign adoption by nations.
  • Russia would make a major next step in the Russo-Ukrainian War by invading Ukraine in 2022, pushing closer towards the Middle East. The Russo-Ukrainian War is still ongoing.

Where this leaves us is in the End Game. One where Bitcoin decentralizes finance, a world with a metaverse. One where we seek space and the heavens rather than repenting and turning to God in Heaven. A world on the precipice of food inflation prophesied in the end times, Black Horse inflation, where two pounds of wheat will cost a days wage.

We are in the passive wrath phase of God’s plan, before the pre-wrath portion of the Tribulation. The Church is asleep, lost, indifferent, politically drunk, or being taken captive by false emotional spirits and perverted doctrine. Hearts are growing cold and we are in the midst of what I believe to be the prophesied ‘Great Falling Away’, which I mention in End Game.

With Turkey, Russia, and Iran formally aligned as of 2017. With Bitcoin now mainstream. With Russia advancing in Ukraine once again, you have to pay attention.

The purpose of my books, my blogs, and all of my writings is to draw your attention back to Jesus. To remind you that paradigms do shift, sometimes underneath your feet, and you are in the middle of a global paradigm shift, one of biblical proportions.

Buckle up, the birth pangs only increase in both intensity and frequency.