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The coup in Turkey is very timely and very important.

It was quite a night on Friday as we watched the coup developing live in Ankara on Saturday. Twitter

[Periscope] was showing real time action and it was something to behold. I first learned of the news as I was searching through my Twitter feed and it sent chills down my spine to hear of a potential revolution in Turkey.

For those who have read my book you know that I explain at length the significance of Turkey and their direct relationship to Ezekiel?s Magog. Also, the significance of their heritage connected to the Ottoman Empire and the last official Sunni, Islamic caliphate. It is Turkey, not Russia, which is connected to Ezekiel?s prophecy in 38-39 and although a descendant of Japheth?from the far north (Rosh) is a leader, the staging ground for the coming consortium?s invasion into northern Israel will be staged in Turkey.

If you have been a Christian in America, especially during the 1980?s at?the height of Dispensationalism, you have heard many cries for Magog rising through Cold War tension with Russia. However much of this was based on a misinterpretation of the text. We know based on the migration pattern of the descendants of Japheth, along with?the?migration of the Scythian people, that the region of Magog during the time in which Ezekiel was prophesying is Asia Minor, or modern day Turkey.

This is also why John speaks to the churches in Asia Minor in the Book of Revelation. Asia Minor encompasses Pergamum, the city in which ?Satan has his throne?, a reference to a spiritual seat of authority. The region Ezekiel was prophesying against connects with the region John was speaking to on purpose. Because it?is the hub or center for future aggression against Israel and ultimately Christ in the end.

I do not have the time to explain everything here but I encourage you to pick up a copy of my book, it lays out the evidence and connection clearly and will give you insight and help equip you to discern news events?as they continue to develop in the Middle East.

The Result and Implications

As of Sunday morning it has been learned that the coup attempt had ?failed? and that Erdogan was making true on his promise to purge the army and government.

?This uprising is a gift from God to us because this will be a reason to cleanse our army…? [President Erdogan]

6,000 were arrested in connection to the coup. A coup that cost the lives of 265 people and wounded nearly 1,400 more. However, the coup has people wondering if it wasn?t orchestrated as a way for Erdogan?to set up more autocratic rule and move the ball forward in his attempts to restore the greatness of the Isalmic heritage of Turkey, moving it away from a secular state and towards an Islamic power in the Middle East.

You have to remember that Turkey is the remnant of the Ottoman Empire post World War I. This is very significant as the Battle of Meggido [1918] was a latter stage engagement in that war which marked the Empire?s defeat and the beginning of the Mandate Palestine period under British control. That is, the beginning of the Zionist march to Jerusalem and the initial stages of the restoration of Israel to Palestine.

This is also significant in that the last Sunni Caliphate operated through the Ottoman Empire and it was Turkey who?officially did away with it. In other words, the entire mission of ISIL is in direct violation of Turkey?s sovereignty and their power in the Muslim world. Unless, Erdogan is behind the entire thing. It has been suspected that Erdogan is behind ISIL, a lead element initiated to restore the Ottoman Empire caliphate. The recent coup, which resulted in all US operations against ISIL being halted at the Incirlik airbase, another questionable sign.

It makes the recent restoration between Turkey and Israel and the subsequent envoy to Gaza even more suspect. As suspect as the drone shot down in northern Israel [Golan Heights] Sunday morning, after the coup.

Turkey and movement in or around that region is very important and something to watch closely in the coming years.

Our Biblical Compass

Christians have the blessing of knowing God?s Word and the Bible gives us a leg up on discerning the situation in the Middle East, giving us clarity as to where the macro picture is heading.

Nations that are listed in Ezekiel?s consortium are gaining power, the largest being Iran and Turkey. The question is, how/why do Sunni Turkey and Shia Iran partner together with Rosh [potentially Russia] to invade Israel from the north?

I anticipate?a land grab by Israel which disrupts severely the peace plan in the Middle East.

This is not based on a hunch but rather another aspect of my study. It should be noted that UNESCO was meeting in Istanbul when the coup took place in Ankara. A controversial resolution is on the agenda. A resolution proposed by Palestine and Jordan to set measures in the Old City and on the Temple Mount back to pre-1967 precedent. The fate of the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Old City is in the cross hairs.

As Israel becomes more of an island this places the Leviathan gas field at the center of the fight. This resource would lead to Israeli independence and is seen as a game changer in Middle East politics. It is also a key economic interest for Russia and a potential catalyst for them to get involved in future Middle East conflict.

17th of Tammuz

This week is a very important week in history. June 24th is the Seventeenth of Tammuz. Many don?t know just how significant it is.

  • On the Seventeenth day of Tammuz (586 BC) the daily Tamid offering in the Holy Temple was forcibly discontinued by the Babylonian invaders who eventually destroyed the first Holy Temple and exiled the people.
  • On the Seventeenth day of Tammuz (70 AD) was the day that the walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Roman army.

The significance of the Seventeenth of Tammuz (names were given to Jewish months after the Babylonian Captivity) began long before the Babylonian Captivity. On the Seventeenth of Tammuz (10 month civil year and the 4 month ecclesiastical year) Moses destroyed the Twin Tablets of the Ten Commandments after witnessing the worship of the golden calf.

The day supernaturally marks a period of judgement against the Jewish people, which appears to occur in super cycles executed on the same day, due to disobedience. A reminder that the Nation of Israel being restored to the Holy Land?is in fact a supernatural fulfillment of prophecy, Ezekiel 37:22. A restored nation under one ?king?.

As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the Mandate Palestine period, as well as the 70 year anniversary of Israel, we come into a period rich for Biblical fulfillment and next stage progression.

That which has been given to Israel is set to be challenged.