It is called a regime change.

In order to overthrow a system or structure you create chaos, so that the people under the leadership of that system disrupt the base, or foundation, and in doing so you topple the leadership at the top and you can install a new figurehead. The chaos that is overthrowing systems, world elites, and the media is not isolated to America and will spread throughout the world. It is the antichrist spirit and it is preparing the world for global change. You need greater wisdom and vision to navigate the days ahead.

We are in the middle of a global shift, a changing of the guard, and chaos is the catalyst. But for spiritual vision you need spiritual eyes, you need spiritual discernment to see the greater picture.

Jesus: Greater than the Government

There is a reason why Jesus didn’t fit the Pharisees’ bill, why they missed the Messiah.

It was because Christ’s mission wasn’t government. He wasn’t the political leader they were looking for. The Pharisees were looking for a political leader that would free them from Roman oppression. The religious leaders of the day were in bed with the politicians over them. They associated power with worldly power. Their love with worldly leadership blinded them to the power of the Kingdom. The Pharisees were placing their faith in the law, so their savior would be someone that would be about the law. They believed in legislated morality.

As Christians we can fall prey to this thinking. We may place our faith in Christ for eternal salvation, but for change in our society we place our faith in a President or the governmental laws over us. Placing faith in the law for change is the core belief of Pharisees.

Changing laws will not change our society.

As we have seen with things like the speakeasy during the days of prohibition, men will find a way around the law. You can not legislate change, you simply cover the sin with false change and redirect the outlet of their sin. Jesus knew that change does not occur through the government or law.

He came to change the hearts and souls of men for eternity.

Although Jesus taught to submit to governing authorities His responses were dismissive to the spirit behind the question. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s is declaring worthlessness to the object in question. Christ was saying that you are focusing on earthly things, do what is required to submit to earthly leadership, but elevate your perspective to things of the Kingdom. He was teaching the disciples, by rebuking the Pharisees, something very important and for a specific reason.

They were to about to spread into every nation, as a holy nation among the nations, so their identity was not about their citizenship on earth, but about the Kingdom power they were to walk in.

Idolatry & False Teaching

Of the false teachings and false prophecies prevailing today they stem from a core belief that America is God’s nation.

  1. America is not the new Israel.
  2. The New Covenant nation of God is the Church (1 Peter 2:9). The majority of Jews have rejected the Messiah. The Abrahamic Covenant stands, but the Body of Christ (believing Jews and Gentiles) are the nation of God, we reside in every nation.

The belief that America is a Christian nation is a common false ideology in Christianity. America is a secular state, created for religious liberty and equality. Where those of many faiths should be able to co-exist together, that is the ethos of America. In other words, a Muslim and yes, even an Atheist, have the same rights to practice their religious beliefs here. America was created for the huddled masses to find refuge and it was not limited to Christianity.

To execute your faith from the head office of the United States is to enforce a type of theocracy, which is against the principles of the founding fathers and their doctrines. Although Christian principles informed many of the founding fathers’ core values and helped shape our laws, the United States was not formed as a theocracy but a democracy, or democratic republic. Where, again, a particular religion was not to be promoted or enforced by the head of state.

One nation under God allows the American citizen to define God as they choose. That may not agree with my conviction, but those of Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist faiths [etc] are allowed to practice their faith in the United States without having other religious views enforced on them.

Theology determines ideology.

Much of the political climate in Christianity comes from false teaching which has blended patriotism into faith. A spiritual and political amalgamation. It is idolatry and the yeast of the Pharisees, it brings us back to the law for enacting moral change. It tries to remove sin from the land through the government and legal reformation, the exact opposite of Christ’s mission.

Christ operated outside the government. Why? Because governments come and go but the movement of God carries on. Governments are temporal but the Kingdom of God is eternal. We, believers in Jesus, are a royal priesthood, a holy nation.

“But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession.” – 1 Peter 2:9

Meaning that the Church is a nation among nations and our citizenship is in Heaven, not on earth.

Jesus, the all-knowing God in the form of man, knew that top down change would not work. He knew that men are corrupt and that power corrupts. This is why He chose ordinary men and women to reach men and women at the base of society, often called the grassroots. The base of the organizational pyramid is where you impact change, you target the foundation for revolution.

Identity & Citizenship

The key is understanding our identity in Christ as it relates to our citizenship.

Your citizenship is in Heaven.

As a believer in Christ you are a child of God, you are adopted into His family. You are a holy nation, a nation among the nations. His Kingdom is more powerful than earthly kingdoms. His power to change the hearts of man is more effective than legislation. Our goal is not to make our nation great, but to make the name of Jesus great.

In fact, it is often through persecution from government over the Body of Christ which God uses to grow His Church. It is rarely due to comfort and government cooperation, this leads to further decline, complacency and irrelevancy.

Christ is about His Kingdom, it supersedes nationalism and transcends cultures. The true government rests on His shoulders.

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on His shoulders. And He will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6

In the end, the people will look again for a political savior. There will be many types of antichrists, some that will steal the love and affection of the Church. These are tests to see if our love and affection, if our faith and hope, are solely in Christ. We need to be sure, today, that we are not placing hope for change in anything but Christ, even elected leadership.

Because America may not be standing tomorrow but the Kingdom of God remains forever.