What is your belief statement?

My belief statement can be found here: mattcote.com/beliefs

What is your theology?

I am a blend of Reformed, Dispensational and for a lack of a better term, Charismatic. My soteriology is Reformed and would lean in that general direction regarding theology however my eschatology is a blend of Reformed and Dispensational. I am a firm believer that God still speaks and operates in signs, miracles and wonders.

Did you attend seminary?

No, I have not attended seminary. I am self-taught, however I have been discipled and mentored by seminary educated men.

Do you believe Jesus is returning soon?

Yes, I do. But everyone says that so I try to bring context and scriptural support.

Do you believe in a Pre-Tribulation rapture?

I do not. I see the most support for a Post-Tribulation rapture in scripture. A study of this can be found in my book, End Game, in the chapters titled “The Discourse”. However my main focus is on Ezekiel (37-39) or events that surround the immediate restoration of Israel, which is the time period we live in.