Place your faith in men and walls.

The Bible says the opposite. Ironic, isn?t it?

Today Christians will share Bible verses that give false comfort so that they can cope with the reality that our children will inherit a Godless nation. Either way this election swings we are headed to death barring a spiritual revival.

The reality is that the decay around us is because we have lost our saltiness and that which we are supposed to preserve through our presence is dying.

So it is either revival or death.

We can’t handle the truth, we would rather believe a lie and that is why we are here in the first place. Our idol worship runs deep and we are blinded to it. Our pastors are politicians, wooing donors and lusting for power, competing against one another. They lead us to appeal to the power of men, but are we surprised? We have reaped what we have sown.

What the American Church needs in this hour is a President that we can?t put our faith in so that Jesus gets it all. Hopelessness in the power of man so that our desperation turns to God alone.

No, this is not idealistic ignorance.

For years the religious right have been banging the drum to vote power into position and it has brought us to this very place. God has handed us over to the very thing we have sought, dependence on the power of men.

We are losing power because we seek the wrong seat of power.

Too spiritual, not practical enough?

Not at all. Although God uses men (and women), even elected officials, He can also use a donkey. It is not about human election or human power.

The point is that when you come across an unprecedented need you are there for a reason. It is the very answer to your prayer. When given no suitable option it is intentional, a blessing from God, so that you seek Him alone. So that you seek that which is greater than man, greater than legislation, greater than positions of earthly power and greater than a vote.

The God who elects and can not be elected.

My friends, the revival we have been praying for is knocking at the door.

If the election of one candidate means trial by fire, then bring the fire, we will stand in the middle of it. It is the same all-consuming fire of God which burns the chaff, purifies the Church and lights the fire of revival.

Go ahead, vote for your candidate but even their victory doesn?t guarantee change. We will just continue to wander through the wilderness of chaos and confusion.

In the desert when the Israelites lost hope they elected a golden calf but the God they needed was on the mountain.

God, turn our eyes to the mountain, to your presence. That we would see you like Moses did. That we would turn from our idol worship and receive the promise and enter the land.