Make Room

In a time of chaos and confusion what cuts through the noise is often silence. This past week I, like many of you, were preparing our home for Christmas. Lights went up on the house around Thanksgiving with decorations alike, but this week we made final touches to our home as we prepared for the

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Peace if possible, truth at all costs. In his essay, The Fate of Empires, the soldier and diplomat Lieutenant General Sir John Glubb analyzed the life cycles of an empire and found remarkable similarities between them all. He found that the lifespan of an empire lasts about 250 years and is defined by 6 ages.

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Today we commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  It was a watershed moment for the Church when the Augustinian monk, Martin Luther, published his Ninety Five Theses on October 31, 1517. It brought the Church in the west to where we are at today, decentralizing power and authority, bringing the Church back to

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Culture War

It represented a tipping point in our culture. In January of 1997 on the Larry King Live show, Larry Flynt and Jerry Falwell met on live television in what would be an historic interview regarding the movie, “The People vs Larry Flynt”, which was a play on the real life drama between the legal battle

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Tribes & Clans

Do you know the difference between a tribe and a clan? This teaching is lost in Christianity today but it applies to the family of God and unlocks something very powerful. When you read through the Bible you will come across genealogies. Although these can be boring and appear to be irrelevant, they are important.

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A Come to Jesus Meeting

The Church needs a come to Jesus meeting. Today our nation is more hurt and divided than ever before and the Church stands at the center of that affliction. We must be reminded that our King has no political affiliation. The Lion of Judah is not a Republican. According to Christian pastors, leaders and speakers our

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Of Men & Walls

Place your faith in men and walls. The Bible says the opposite. Ironic, isn’t it? Today Christians will share Bible verses that give false comfort so that they can cope with the reality that our children will inherit a Godless nation. Either way this election swings we are headed to death barring a spiritual revival.

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A Great Awakening

Racial reconciliation will lead the next revival. I remember hearing those words at Azusa Now in April of this year. As the Lord tends to do, He called me to attend this meeting at the last minute. Whenever God calls me to go somewhere it is typically to hear a specific word from Him, and

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Tongues and Tribes: Understanding Pentecost

When we love each other, despite our differences, we represent our Father well. It can be hard at times to love those that do not love us in return, or those that share a different understanding than we do. But I have recently been reminded about the power of God’s love for us, that even

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Sons and Daughters: The Prodigal Story

Sonship can never be taken away but the strength of a relationship takes two. The story of the prodigal son is probably my favorite passage of scripture. It paints an amazing picture of God’s love for us and also speaks to the reason behind it. The passage teaches sonship and a proper understanding of it leads to right

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