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End Game

Matt Cote reveals the bigger picture of current day nuclear proliferation. He reveals the connection between World War I & World War II and its correlation to biblical, end times prophecy. Readers will learn the basics of eschatology and its modern day application. Specifically, what is the ‘end game’ of nuclear proliferation and how does it fit in biblical prophecy? End Game will answer these and many more questions.

End Game Part II - Matt Cote - Author - Matt Cote Ministries

End Game – Part II

In a follow up to his first book, End Game, author Matt Cote details how current day events sync with biblical, end times prophecy. End Game – Part II looks at the current economic, geopolitical and spiritual conditions of our world and gives a detailed follow up that will explain how COVID-19, economic conditions and geopolitics in Israel and the Middle East point to greater, future fulfillment of biblical prophecy in the not too distant future.

The World Has Gone Mad - Matt Cote - Author - Matt Cote Ministries

The World Has Gone Mad

Matt Cote takes a look at religious syncretism and how the American Church is manifesting the very sin that Paul warns against. He will also reveal the connection between Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 51, the maddening wine of pagan culture, and why it is important that Christians be on guard against it. This is a must read for anyone who believes that the American Church needs a reset and a real spiritual revival.

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