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Bitcoin and The Mark of the Beast

In 2010 I received a text message from a friend with an article about Bitcoin.

He was my roommate at the time and he knew that I studied and was knowledgeable about Christian eschatology. He worked in finance and Bitcoin was the talk among his peers. He asked me, “Could this be it?”, meaning ‘The Mark of the Beast’ currency. What he was referring to was the one world currency of the Tribulation, a period of time towards the end of time where the world would collectively come together around a common currency while plague, pestilence, and famine would grip the world.
I told him, “I am not sure, but I will look into it more”.

At the time I had a conviction not to buy Bitcoin. It was a personal conviction. I didn’t believe the profit would be blessed and I didn’t want to profit off of my knowledge.

For years I would warn people and tell them about Bitcoin, how it would overtake gold. That Bitcoin was Satan’s false alternative to God’s store of value, gold. Though decentralized it would centralize the world economic system.

Fast forward to 2013 and my conviction changed. I ended up buying my first Bitcoin on Coinbase then I quickly sold it. There was a strong, nagging conviction that I still should not profit off of my knowledge. Then came February 2017 and almost yelling at God in my truck I prayed, asking Him to let me buy in because I knew a major bull market was coming and I needed the money to pay off debt for my family.

I did buy in before the 2017 bull run and made quite a bit of money but I can’t tell you that the money was blessed. As the expression goes, “easy come, easy go”.

As time as progressed I am less concerned about holding cryptocurrency but with not allowing it to hold me. If I need to sell it and feed the poor, I do so, I try to hold all things loosely and listen to what God is saying to do in that moment.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has beed called a religion and I have to agree. It has a cult-like appeal for a reason.

In the Book of Revelation there is a Mystery Babylon to which the entire global economic system is based on. Some would say, and it is not a stretch, that America could be this ‘Mystery Babylon’. Specifically New York, or Manhattan, which is an island surrounded by water and where Wall Street resides, the center of global markets. Regardless, Babylon is a common theme in scripture and simply an illustration of the world or Satan’s system. The “wine” that you can get drunk on is her wealth, her money, or the allure that you can get rich in her system.

There is much I could write about COVID-19 and why Bitcoin is coming into the mainstream at this time. I have been following Bitcoin since 2010. The answer is yes, time is short. You will have to read my books to learn more. End Game Part II is the quickest read and recap.

The truth is that we are 100 years from World War I and Mandate Palestine. This means COVID-19 and Bitcoin are next stage fulfillment. The World Wars were fulfilling in that Israel was once dispersed, or in diaspora, and brought back together as one nation as a result. It was a marker of the beginning of the end. 2018 was the 100 year marker of World War I (1918) including Spanish Flu and the 70 year marker of the restoration of the nation of Israel (1948).

Since 2001 we have seen this “new world order” coming into view. Bitcoin being launched in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis was no coincidence. Every crisis acts as a catalyst bringing about next steps in the Middle East and global currency reform.

I am often judged as being a “doomsayer” but the truth is that as we get closer to the end things will progressively get worse. The world will place a false hope in saying “this too shall pass” when the next round of God taking action will occur.

Time is shorter than even Christians realize.

The unfortunate thing is the lack of knowledge. Christians today are educated by false Charismatic ‘prophets’ pushing the idolatry of America and other YouTube conspiracy. I can’t tell you how much conspiracy theory I have to wade through when someone wants to sit down and ask questions.
So what is the response?

Do we put our hope in the blockchain, Dogecoin and Bitcoin? Do we glue our eyes to our Robinhood accounts and post “Brrrrrrr” memes about the Federal Reserve and the dilution of the USD? Do we talk about Trump, Biden, or Elon Musk more than Jesus?

No, we turn our eyes to Christ.

The current of the world is intoxicating but that current has a destination that you don’t want to be caught in. The future system will be closed off and you will need certain clearance to buy or sell. The reason will actually have legitimate justification.

So, get drunk on the wine of Babylon or find our intoxication in the Holy Spirit?

Let’s choose the latter.

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