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Matt Cote is the Founder of Concept Church, a digital media ministry. He is the author of the book, End Game.

Tongues and Tribes: Understanding Pentecost

When we love each other, despite our differences, we represent our Father well. It can be hard at times to love those that do not love us in return, or those that share a different understanding than we do. But I have recently been reminded about the power of God’s love for us, that even

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Sons and Daughters: The Prodigal Story

Sonship can never be taken away but the strength of a relationship takes two. The story of the prodigal son is probably my favorite passage of scripture. It paints an amazing picture of God’s love for us and also speaks to the reason behind it. The passage teaches sonship and a proper understanding of it leads to right

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Time to Build

It is time to take the land and build. There is a famous passage of scripture known as the Prophecy of the 70 Weeks located in Daniel 9. What is so phenomenal about the passage is that it predicted the Triumphal Entry of Christ into Jerusalem from the decree of Artaxerxes I. But what most

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Perfect Timing

Today is a Leap Day.Every 4 years we on the Gregorian calendar get to enjoy an extra day in the month of February. It is because the Gregorian calendar, also called the Western or Christian calendar, is a solar calendar. The Gregorian calendar tells time by the solar year or the

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The Big Picture

To see the big picture you need the right perspective. Growing up my family would occasionally do jigsaw puzzles. Now, I am a child of the 80‘s so this was before technology dominated everyday life. My dad would lay out a puzzle on the kitchen table and we would work at it piece by

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A Season of Hope

What you are praying for may be just around the corner. Hannah and I recently took a trip to Mexico for our anniversary. On the trip she scheduled a charter for a morning of fishing. It was only my second time to go deep sea fishing and I was looking forward to it. But when

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Waiting Game

After God speaks, wait on Him. In my last post, The Great Shift, I spoke about the ‘signs of the times’ and the coming changes in Israel. Specifically about how it relates to the arrangement between Israel and Palestine. As expected, Abbas spoke at the UN General Assembly and denounced the Olso Accords, a peace

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The Great Shift

I anticipate a great shift. In my last post, The Calm Before, I spoke to the first outer rain bands of the financial storm. 4 weeks later the Dow Jones Industrial Average would lose 1,000 points in a historic day of trading. Unlike others who speak purely on speculation, I do my best to give

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The Calm Before

A storm is coming. While all seems quiet on the western front the first outer bands of the financial storm have hit. It was early 2014 when the Lord started revealing to me what I would call the 9/11 Cycles. I would later learn about the Shemitah, even though I still haven’t read the book.

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Turning Point

America isn't your church, it is your mission field. There is this notion among Christianity that America is a Christian nation. In fact, you will notice that America and its greatness is often celebrated in churches alongside the greatness of Jesus Christ. The result is a convoluted mix of politics and religion. It is for

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