Racial reconciliation will lead the next revival.

I remember hearing those words at Azusa Now in April of this year. As the Lord tends to do, He called me to attend this meeting at the last minute. Whenever God calls me to go somewhere it is typically to hear a specific word from Him, and that line was the information I needed.

For years now the Lord has been saying that Dallas will be the epicenter for revival, and I am not the only one who has heard this. Many others are expecting a move of God in our city.

But why Dallas?

When Ebola came to Dallas I wrote about this as well. There is a very specific, spiritual reason. Here is why:

It is because Dallas is a spiritual center. A modern day Constantinople in the new Rome, America. Similar to how Jerusalem is the spiritual epicenter of the world, Dallas is the epicenter of Christianity in the western world.

In history, the capture of Constantinople

[May 29 1453] marked the end of the Roman Empire, which has many parallels to the American empire. This dealt a serious blow to Christendom and “the Islamic Ottoman armies thereafter were left unchecked to advance into Europe without an adversary to their rear”. (Source)

There is a spiritual war being waged in the spirit realm for Dallas right now and the Church must answer with prayer. Dallas is a stronghold for Jesus and we stand in the way of Satan advancing the next stages of his one world kingdom.

But we are losing ground spiritually in our city. The Church owns a portion of this, because we are the salt and light of the city. We are losing ground to the enemy by the day, and it is because of sin in the Church.

Sin is blocking breakthrough and revival.

After spending time in California I was moved in the Spirit on the National Day of Prayer and shared this:


On Thursday, July 7th, before I knew what was happening downtown, I was moved in the Spirit and shared this.

One City

Minutes later I would hear about the shooting.

In times of pain we are awakened from our spiritual slumber. It is like a splash of cold water to the face, a rude awakening but an awakening nonetheless. Sadly, because of our human condition when we are comfortable we become complacent to our sin and to status quo.

But I believe we are now awake.

It is imperative that Church leaders lead the community discussion on racial reconciliation. It needs to be tangible, practical and the results need to be real. Also, the Church needs to pray. I don’t mean casual prayer, I mean prayer that takes the spiritual fight head on, turning Church sanctuaries into spiritual war rooms. Everything we need flows from God. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to move in our churches and our city. The change we all want is not accomplished by a worship service or contrived unity events, it is through the work of the Holy Spirit.

I believe our city can lead the way.

Revival is a heavy cross. No one person, church or people group can carry it. But if we lock arms and lean on each other we can carry the cross up the hill. We will be a city on a hill, that which other cities can follow. We will lead this nation and the world to revival.

The time is now, the world is watching, revival is there for the taking.

This can be our finest hour.

Racial reconciliation will lead the next revival and Dallas is the epicenter. Let’s leave a mark and be a generation that rises to the occasion.