After God speaks, wait on Him.

In my last post, The Great Shift, I spoke about the ‘signs of the times’ and the coming changes in Israel. Specifically about how it relates to the arrangement between Israel and Palestine.

As expected, Abbas spoke at the UN General Assembly and denounced the Olso Accords, a peace agreement put in place during the Shemitah year of 1994. Although the accords were not legally disbanded, Abbas stated that Palestine was no longer bound by the accords. Of course, this just leads us further into the fray.

But what was of equal significance was the raising of the Palestinian flag at the UN. Although a symbolic gesture today, it is a foreshadowing of things to come.

We have entered into what I call the mocker’s window. What is the mocker’s window? It is the period of time between the sign and event (or events) it is pointing to.

Largely due to ignorance, people mistake the sign as the event, when in actuality the sign points to an event but is not the event itself.

I write about timing in my post Signs, Storms and Seasons. Here is an illustration:

As you drive down the highway throughout the year there are signs that say “Bridge May Ice in Cold Weather”. For the most part you don’t pay attention to those signs, especially in the summer. But as the weather changes and it gets cold you start to notice those signs more. However, it isn’t until after a storm hits that you pay full attention to those signs. The point is this:

Storms happen in every season, but when a storm happens in the season associated with the sign, you have convergence.

In general people may heed warnings but it isn’t until after the storm hits that they really pay attention.

We are in that period of time where the mocker thrives. The weather is changing around us, persecution is creeping into America while strategic movement is happening in the Middle East. However, the storm hasn’t hit. Or has it?

The truth is that the storm has already made landfall but we are only experiencing the outer rain-bands, as I wrote in The Calm Before. People expect the eye of the storm to be right on them after the sign is complete, but that just isn’t the case. Large storms are often slow moving.

After the Shemitah end I updated readers on my blog about what the signs were really pointing to and what warranted their attention. You can read it here. On the real Shemitah end in Israel violence of a significant nature broke out on the Temple Mount. It has since then escalated. Analysts are starting to use rhetoric of a Third Intifada beginning, which I have spoken to in the past. This all plays a role in coming changes.

But what about the stock market? Wasn’t the Shemitah supposed to be an event, not just a sign?

Convergence actually speaks to something much larger than just another financial downtrend. Yes, the Shemitah in and of itself does pertain to financial markets but as I wrote about in my post Convergence, the Shemitah, Blood Moon and 70th Jubilee all have a central theme of land…. it all points to a perfect storm surrounding the land of Israel. The Shemitah has nothing to do with Gentiles (saved or unsaved) it is for Jews that are under the Law. America just happens to have the second largest number of Jews next to Israel, that is why the Shemitah has had such a large impact on us.

If you want specifics on the stock market I updated blog readers on that in September. I don’t want to go too far into the financial aspect, but the market crash in August did significant technical damage. We have since then been trading in a bear flag (you can read more here) and have only rallied over the past week because the Chinese market was closed. The 2040 area is heavy resistance in the S&P and that is the area in focus. If we break through this to the upside new highs are possible, if not we likely test August lows and prove the beginning of a bear market. Regardless, global growth is slowing and I anticipate it will continue to decelerate.

So we know the signs and a storm is appearing on the horizon, the outer rain-bands have made landfall…. but is this the right season for convergence?

I will leave you with this.

We celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII and the formation of the UN this year (2015). But there is a 3 year gap between these milestones and the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel (2018). That is no coincidence. Neither is the movement of Russian and Iranian troops in the Middle East. Nor the fact that oil was recently discovered in the Golan Heights.

  • Are we about to witness a war of Biblical proportions in the Middle East?
  • Is Israel about to complete their regathering and restoration process?
  • Are the signs pointing to a significant event regarding Israel’s land, bringing about a peace treaty and allowing the land “to rest” as the Shemitah is about anyway?
  • Is it all pointing to an Israel that, as prophesied, receives Yeshua as the Messiah?

Time will tell.

But I agree with Joel Rosenberg, who has recently picked up on this as well.


I wrote about the rise of Magog in May of 2014, you can read that here: Magog

Things for your radar:

1. The movement of Russian and Iranian troops in Syria. As I wrote about last time, after the completion of Israel’s restoration process there is a war in the Middle East which brings about a peace treaty. This treaty, brokered by the Antichrist and False Prophet, begins the Tribulation. We could very well be moving out of Ezekiel 37 and into 38-39 in the coming years.

2. The Nuclear Security Summit. I will keep talking about this until it is obvious that I don’t have to. It is rooted in the occult and there is no coincidence that we are seeing a nuclear arms race in the Middle East at this time.

3. More pressure on financial markets and currencies. The fiat system we have created apart from God’s storehouse of value will fail. Writing is on the wall that this system has limited time left. Contrary to popular belief we are not headed into a zombie apocalypse. Social unrest will occur but the powers that be need the grid to control borders (like Syria) and the money supply. No folks, we aren’t going offline… we are going digital. Technology will become wearable and embeddable! Kind of like your FitBit.

The trend of wearable tech is also no coincidence. Embeddable tech is next.

There is a lot more to share, but it will take time.

Aren’t you thankful God is patient with us?

His ability to long-suffer is remarkable.

During this window between the sign and the events keep in mind that it demonstrates the heart of God. His patience, His long-suffering, His love. He truly does care about that one lost sheep, willing to leave the flock to go after him or her.

Be informed, be prayerful, be patient… be ready, in season and out. The day is coming when the storm will align with the season, and while others are succumbing to fear or disbelief you will be equipped to navigate the roads and lead others to higher ground.

We are watching God move pieces around the chess board with astounding precision and grace.

But by all means, He did create the game.