The Great Shift

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I anticipate a great shift.

In my last post, The Calm Before, I spoke to the first outer rain bands of the financial storm. 4 weeks later the Dow Jones Industrial Average would lose 1,000 points in a historic day of trading. Unlike others who speak purely on speculation, I do my best to give specifics as the Lord leads. Although much of the talk surrounds the future of the US economy the signs God has given us point to something much bigger.

It isn’t about America.

Every sign is pointing to major changes in the Middle East but specifically to Israel and their role in the world.

From Occupation to Ownership

In 2014 The United Nations Security Council rejected a Palestinian State bid calling for the end of Israeli occupation by 2017, but it may be different this year. President Mahmoud Abbas has renewed the Palestinian State bid. The bid is called Palestine 194 and it is something you need to be aware of.

The bid calls for a UN recognized independent State of Palestine to be established within the 1967 Middle East borders, before Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Shemitah years have a history of this kind of activity. In 1994 under the Oslo Accords the PLO would assume control over the Jericho portion of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Abbas is scheduled to visit the UN on September 30 of this year, conveniently around the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad. As I have written, the Blood Moon correlates to Israel’s land. Similar Tetrad’s occurred around the formation of the State of Israel in 1949-50 and around the 6 Day War in 1967-68.

This is where it gets interesting.

“New reports indicate that PA President Mahmoud Abbas is planning to make a drastic announcement at the United Nations General Assembly this month, declaring Palestine a state under occupation and dissolving the Oslo Accords and other bilateral agreements with Israel. While it remains unclear what implications such a move would entail, some warn that it could spell the end to Israeli-PA security coordination and place all responsibility for the governance of the West Bank in the hands of Israel as the occupying power.” – Times of Israel

An article from the Times of Israel about the developing strategy can be read here.

“The Oslo Accords, as well as the agreement signed in Sharm el Sheikh in 1994, are expected to be canceled. Also set to be annulled are an economic agreement signed in Paris and several pacts on security cooperation between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.” – Times of Israel

Albeit a radical strategy only existing states can become occupied. Palestine seeks statehood while under occupation, a situation without historic precedent. By annulling the Oslo Accords Palestine would become a state under occupation, thus allowing them to claim they are being occupied by Israel. No different than France being occupied during World War II.

The UN General Assembly is likely to adopt a resolution next week that would allow the Palestinian flag to be raised before Abbas arrives. Read more here.

It is most likely a foreshadowing of what is to come.

The implications are enormous.

Although a ‘great shaking’ is coming to financial markets it is actually not the centerpiece of what God is pointing to.

The convergence of events (Shemitah, 70th Anniversary of the UN, 70th Jubilee, Blood Moon Tetrad) all point to a major transition and fulfillment of prophecy.

The ultimate fulfillment of Ezekiel 37, completing what 1948 started and what the 6 Day War advanced.

All signs point to Jews receiving, to completion, the portion of land God gave them. Also, the final exodus and push of Jews back to their homeland. Every sign is correlated in some sort or fashion to their land.

All components are emerging or in place for Ezekiel 38-39 and we just happen to be nearing 70 years from 1948. God is giving us signs that point to this process being completed in the coming years.

The next 3 years are extremely important.

We are entering a very sensitive window from September 13th to September 28th. The events and anniversaries packed into this window are significant and they do have meaning. We complete the Shemitah year and enter into the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah. During this time we also enter into the holiest Jewish day, Yom Kippur. It concludes on the 28th with the last Blood Moon of the special tetrad. Also during this window are the events I mentioned above regarding the US economy and the 70th anniversary of the UN.

It is less about dates and more about transition.

What I am Looking For

My attention will be directly focused on the UN and what comes about with Palestine. In particular I am interested in the Pope’s visit to the UN on September 25th. Then my attention will shift to Israel.

I want to clearly articulate what I am looking for and what my attention will be on as we prayerfully enter this season.

Before I do I want to explain, in broad terms, the world in the last days geopolitically. I have found this simplified explanation to help people understand what to look for in general terms. I do my best to leave out denominational twists:

In the end there is a world leader and a world religious leader that work together to bring about peace in the Middle East. This all occurs around the completion of Israel’s restoration process. After Israel is restored to their land a war in the Middle East occurs where nations from around the world come against Israel. It is a world war. This war concludes with a peace treaty. This treaty begins the Tribulation.


America – The peace and prosperity America has experienced since WWII is tied directly to our role in restoring Israel. It is no surprise that Jewish cycles (Shemitah) are having implications on our system.

What most don’t know, especially the younger generation, is that America was not a world military power until after WWII. Our world power is not even 1 generation old. America is young and arrogant.

The protection we experience is a direct blessing from WWII. As America begins to distance itself from supporting the work God is doing in Israel, this restoration and rebirth, we should not be surprised to see our defenses weakened.

Shemitah 2015 – The Shemitah cycle closes on a Sunday and American markets are closed. My attention is on China, their market will be open that evening and so will US pre-markets. I believe the world is headed into a global recession and I suspect the Chinese market, as it has already, will be in the contingent that leads it down.

Regardless, economic downturns take months to mature. September and October are on watch for financial markets.

It should also be noted that Ebola came to the United States around the beginning of the Shemitah. A wasting disease being sent in proximity to this judgement cycle is a legitimate concern. Leaders in Dallas should be aware of this as the Shemitah cycle closes. Both Ebola and the first ISIS claimed attack landed in Dallas. It marks Dallas as a potential epicenter.

Nuclear Security Summit – I am watching the Nuclear Security Summit for many reasons, namely because signs are emerging that correlate to prophetic passages in Ezekiel. We now have an approved nuclear Iran. There is a nuclear arms race in the Middle East which gives power to the Nuclear Security Summit to broker such a peace treaty. You need to do your research on this summit and watch for it in the news. It is somewhat under the radar.

The Pope – The Pope’s visit to America is significant during this window. The Vatican flag is likely to be raised along with the Palestinian flag at the UN. I am focused on his role in the Middle East peace process. The historic speech to Congress on September 24 is likely a ramp up to what will be said the following day at the UN. In May the Pope said he would recognize a Palestinian State in a new treaty. You can read more here.

The window of increased significance is September 13 through September 30 however this is just a season. It points to larger, significant changes.

The United States gave birth to the United Nations which is giving birth to a United World.

Is this the end of the world?

No, it is the beginning of a new one.

About the Author:

Matt Cote is the Founder of Concept Church, a digital media ministry. He is the author of the book, End Game.