The Gospel and The Internet

We serve the Lord Almighty and He is with us.

Out of the roughly 2 billion people that have internet access in the world over 1.2 billion are on Facebook. Think about that. You can reach over half of the internet world through one platform. That doesn’t even factor in search engine traffic.

Social media is connecting our world in a way that has yet to be seen and some say it will create a new social layer to every aspect of the internet.

Did you know that Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes it’s his life’s mission to bring the internet to every person on the planet? I believe him. You can read more about his initiative at Right now, Google and Facebook are in a race to see who can take the internet to the next 5 billion first.

Why am I so interested in this?

Because those 5 billion need to hear the Gospel.

The internet is going to help us accomplish our objective of sharing the Gospel with the entire world and social media will help us move that message. Our goal is close at hand, we are almost home. The world will hear the Gospel.

The internet is an information pipeline and the Gospel is the most important piece of information on the planet. They were meant for each other.

As the next 5 billion come online the internet will create a Gospel movement like we have never seen before. Millions coming to faith as a result of access to the Bible and the Gospel. We live in an age of modern warfare, this is modern revival. Revival has moved from the tent to the internet.

We are almost there.

I pray that these words would light a fire in your soul and revive your spirit in Jesus’ name. At whatever cost necessary we will push that ball over the goal line and we will realize the victory that is already ours.

As I mentioned in my last email we are launching the ministry on 11-12-13, one week from today, with a focused effort to reach the entire city of Dallas through Facebook.

We will be promoting a Gospel video to the entire city in multiple languages. Those that respond will be connected with a local church for community and discipleship. But we need your help. The real power comes from you helping us share that message. With just a few simple steps you can help move the Gospel throughout the city and beyond.

Just visit and follow those steps.

Want your church or organization to get involved? Have them tweet/share the Gospel on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on 11-12-13. We recommend using hash tags #sharethenews #11-12-13movement at the end. That way other believers know where to go in order to join in. Also, share this blog with your friends and ask them to get involved.

What if 1 person came to faith in Jesus because you took a step of faith outside your comfort zone? There are people crying out to God right now, asking if He is there and if He loves them. It is our job to tell them the Good News.

It is our watch, it is our turn.


About the Author:

Matt Cote is the Founder of Concept Church, a digital media ministry. He is the author of the book, End Game.

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