Phil Robertson: Modern Day John the Baptist

A modern day John the Baptist?

In the wake of Phil Robertson’s comments you have to ask yourself, did he take it too far? The answer: It’s not your call.

You have no idea what God is calling Phil Robertson to say to America.

But Matt, love and grace is the message of the cross! Yes, and so is repentance and turning from your sin. You can’t have one without the other. It seems like a contradiction but it’s not.

When I look at Phil Robertson I see a strikingly similar existence to what John the Baptist undertook.

  1. He essentially lives in the wilderness withdrawn from culture.
  2. He eats weird things.
  3. He preaches boldly the message of repentance and turning to Jesus.

I love Duck Dynasty and this has not changed my opinion about Phil or the family in the least. They have a great show that teaches morals based on Biblical teaching. Morals America desperately needs. Could he have used better words? Sure, but it takes a man with the guts and grit of Phil Robertson to stand and preach a message most pastors in America are afraid of. You have to accept him with his rough edges, just like Christ accepts you.

Keep in mind what happened to John the Baptist, he was be-headed. The point is culture doesn’t like the word repent. None of us do. It is a word that continually offends us because we ALL like sheep have gone astray.

Do gay people need grace? Yes of course, they also need to repent.

This applies to everyone.

Persecution is here, picking up and will continue to rise as the end approaches. Stand with a brother and sister in their moment of need. It may just be you that needs support next.

If you want to support Phil you can sign the online petition by CLICKING HERE.


About the Author:

Matt Cote is the Founder of Concept Church, a digital media ministry. He is the author of the book, End Game.

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