Concept Church 2.0

I am excited to announce the new Concept Church.

What if the Gospel went viral on social media?

Social media has been used to create revolution, why not revival?

It didn’t take me long to realize that in order to reach the culture we were going to have to go about things differently. Knocking on doors to personally invite people to church wasn’t working. Most people didn’t even open the door. I could see in 2009 that the Oak Lawn/Uptown community of Dallas was just a microcosm of the coming America. Distant, impartial or intolerant of the Christian faith.

After closing Concept Church as a local church I prayed for years, asking God how we could reach the culture we live in?

Then He responded.

I was working for a client with my company, Fire Source Media. We were promoting the Gospel on Facebook into hard to reach nations abroad and the numbers were staggering.

In a world driven by the internet and technology we could see that people were hungry to hear about God. In places like America the internet is a convenience that allows them to do their own research, acting as a barrier to entry for church attendance. Abroad, the internet is often the only way people will hear the Gospel under strict government control. Both situations present an unprecedented opportunity.

Since January 2013 we have been working on building an extensive online platform to reach the world with the Gospel. The main focus being an info-graphic like, Gospel video with a run time of around 2 minutes that could be shared virally on Facebook and other social media platforms. We are working on translating that video into every major world language and are scheduled to have them done by the end of 2013. From there we will go city-by-city promoting the Gospel. We have also built over 10 evangelism sites targeting specific keyword searches and are working to optimize them on every search engine around the world.

Even now, we are partnered with a popular website in China bringing the Gospel to the Chinese people online.

This is just the beginning.

We launch on 11.12.13 and I need your help. I am asking my friends in Dallas (and America) to help get the word out. There are simple steps that you can do that will deliver big results. It could fuel substantial Gospel movement worldwide.

Over 500,000 are following Concept Church on Facebook and have said they will be counted for Christ and will speak up. Hundreds are indicating they are receiving Christ each day through the Concept Church platform.

We need your help.

Will you join us?

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About the Author:

Matt Cote is the Founder of Concept Church, a digital media ministry. He is the author of the book, End Game.

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