A Season of Hope

What you are praying for may be just around the corner. Hannah and I recently took a trip to Mexico for our anniversary. On the trip she scheduled a charter for a morning of fishing. It was only my second time to go deep sea fishing and I was looking forward to it. But when

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We’re Not Done Yet – Concept Church – A Year in Review

We're not done yet. As I sit here and write and look back on the year I am amazed at what God has done. I want to thank all of those that participated with Concept Church this year and helped with the 11-12-13 Movement. Some know this but most don’t, almost all of our response

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A Savior for Mankind

“making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:16 How did it come to this? Growing up my parents used to play the Perry Como Christmas album. When I looked it up on Spotify to play a few songs and reminisce of the good ole days I stumbled upon a song

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