Overcome Your Fear

Overcome your fear of rejection. This past weekend we did some test marketing of the new Concept Church video into the Dallas market. The results were great. In the course of 4 days we reached close to 20,000 people on FB and over 1,000 people internationally on Google. From those people 55 received Christ. Many

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Concept Church 2.0

I am excited to announce the new Concept Church. What if the Gospel went viral on social media? Social media has been used to create revolution, why not revival? It didn't take me long to realize that in order to reach the culture we were going to have to go about things differently. Knocking on

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The Solution for a Dying Nation

There is only one solution for our nation. I was cleaning the back of my truck the other day and noticed there was something that looked like dirt streaking down the side of my tailgate. I realized it was blood left over from a deer that I had killed this fall. I guess the car

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Equality and Homosexuality

Do you know how many people in America are gay? Only 3.4%. That's right, it is a very small minority group. A recent Gallup survey expressed that this is an accurate and reliable number. You can read more here. So why such a loud voice? Well, I work in marketing and can tell you that the LGBT

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A Savior for Mankind

“making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:16 How did it come to this? Growing up my parents used to play the Perry Como Christmas album. When I looked it up on Spotify to play a few songs and reminisce of the good ole days I stumbled upon a song

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