Zero Hour

The end game of nuclear proliferation is peace. Since my book covers the topic of nuclear proliferation I am asked on a regular basis about the situation in North Korea, if it fits within the thesis of my book. End Game is about the end game of nuclear proliferation. It connects the dots between World

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Empire Rising

As Turkey continues to move toward an authoritarian state this remnant of the Ottoman Empire is rising at a very strategic time. In my book, End Game, I detail the history of Turkey and their relationship to the Ottoman Empire, which was ousted from Palestine as a result of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign of

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True Liberty

There is a difference between Christian liberty and American liberty. It was A.W. Tozer who said that: "Christian liberty is freedom from sin, not freedom to sin." - A.W. Tozer This is the fundamental difference in the freedom of the Christian faith vs the liberty of America. American liberty is freedom of religion with the

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Greater than Government

To overthrow order you create chaos, in doing so you can install a new order. It is called a regime change. In order to overthrow a system or structure you create chaos, so that the people under the leadership of that system disrupt the base, or foundation, and in doing so you topple the leadership

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War & Peace

Before peace, there is war. It was November 8, 2008. My ministry at the time was worship leading and it was the night of my album release. The band that I was playing with that night was not my usual team. They were acquaintances, some I had just met, and we were hanging out in

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One King

There is only one King, His name is Jesus. There is a passage of scripture that I turn to when there is something that needs searching. "It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out." - Proverbs 25:2 A few years back when I started

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Winds of Change

Whether it was Brexit or the election of Donald Trump, revolution is sweeping the globe and this is just the beginning. There was a time when a revolution started with a man but He was more than a man, God came to earth from Heaven in a humble and lowly position. Creation cried out His

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The Voice of the Unborn

I am holding my sons when they should still be in my wife’s womb. Think about that for a second. I know their personalities. I know their temperament. I am holding them in my arms. They hold my finger. As I previously wrote, and for those that don’t know me, we have sons that were

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Phil Robertson: Modern Day John the Baptist

A modern day John the Baptist? In the wake of Phil Robertson's comments you have to ask yourself, did he take it too far? The answer: It's not your call. You have no idea what God is calling Phil Robertson to say to America. But Matt, love and grace is the message of the cross! Yes,

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In This Together

I opened the Concept Church Facebook account to see this. Someone in the Philippines had changed their profile picture to the #11-12-13 Movement Gospel colors. Despite the storm that has hit that part of the world and their current trials they still wanted to be apart of the movement of the Gospel. How amazing is

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