12-13-14 Movement :: A Message of Hope

Last year on 11-12-13 we officially launched Concept Church online. With your help we took to social media with the Gospel and reached thousands. This year we hope to do the same. However we plan to keep it simple, very simple. You can help us start a chain reaction that will reach even more. All

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Why Do We Ask Jesus Into Our Hearts?

Why do we “ask Jesus into our heart”? I was recently asked this question by a friend in relation to the Concept Church evangelism video. He also brought up the popular book “Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart”. I went and bought the book and this is my response. Things are often said over time

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We’re Not Done Yet – Concept Church – A Year in Review

We're not done yet. As I sit here and write and look back on the year I am amazed at what God has done. I want to thank all of those that participated with Concept Church this year and helped with the 11-12-13 Movement. Some know this but most don’t, almost all of our response

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In This Together

I opened the Concept Church Facebook account to see this. Someone in the Philippines had changed their profile picture to the #11-12-13 Movement Gospel colors. Despite the storm that has hit that part of the world and their current trials they still wanted to be apart of the movement of the Gospel. How amazing is

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The Gospel and The Internet

We serve the Lord Almighty and He is with us. Out of the roughly 2 billion people that have internet access in the world over 1.2 billion are on Facebook. Think about that. You can reach over half of the internet world through one platform. That doesn’t even factor in search engine traffic. Social media

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11-12-13 // The Purpose and Potential

Using social media for the Gospel I can’t tell you how many times a conversation has started from something I have posted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Someone says “Hey, I saw what you posted on Facebook...”. The same has probably happened to you. What if we harnessed the power of social media for the

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Overcome Your Fear

Overcome your fear of rejection. This past weekend we did some test marketing of the new Concept Church video into the Dallas market. The results were great. In the course of 4 days we reached close to 20,000 people on FB and over 1,000 people internationally on Google. From those people 55 received Christ. Many

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Concept Church 2.0

I am excited to announce the new Concept Church. What if the Gospel went viral on social media? Social media has been used to create revolution, why not revival? It didn't take me long to realize that in order to reach the culture we were going to have to go about things differently. Knocking on

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The Solution for a Dying Nation

There is only one solution for our nation. I was cleaning the back of my truck the other day and noticed there was something that looked like dirt streaking down the side of my tailgate. I realized it was blood left over from a deer that I had killed this fall. I guess the car

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The End of the World

The world will not end on December 21. The main reason being that much of Biblical prophecy hasn't occurred. We are at least 7 years from 'the end' because the Tribulation is a 7 year period of time. I wrote in my post The Current Crisis that the War of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38-39)

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