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This is Matt Cote and that beautiful woman up there is my wife, Hannah. Those two awesome kids are my sons Elijah and Luke. I want to welcome you to my site. Whether you are a long time Christ follower, curious about the Christian perspective or don’t care about God and just stumbled onto this thing… I want you to know that God has a purpose for everything. You are here for a reason.

My goal is to bring faith into the cultural conversation, even topics that are difficult or socially awkward to talk about.

I am a sinner that is thankful to be forgiven by God through Jesus. I am thankful for His grace and mercy. I hope you come along with me as we walk through life and help me share not only these posts but the message of redemption with the world.

To connect with Matt you can send a message here. You can also follow him on Facebook at facebook.com/mattcoteblog or on Twitter at twitter.com/mattjcote.

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To connect with Matt you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter, or you can send a message here.

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