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End Game


Uncovering the bigger picture of current day nuclear proliferation.

In his new book, End Game, author Matt Cote reveals the bigger picture of current day nuclear proliferation. He reveals the connection between World War I & World War II and its correlation to Biblical, end times prophecy. Readers will learn the basics of eschatology and its modern day application. Specifically, how the Bible gives insight to the following questions:

  • Is recent military movement in the Middle East significant?
  • Is prophetic fulfillment imminent in Israel?
  • What is the ‘end game’ of nuclear proliferation?

End Game will answer these and many more questions. Get your copy today.

“This book is accessible… Eye-opening to me and came as a wake up call to walk in holiness in these last days.”


“The author’s knowledge of the Bible and eschatology is unmatched and his writing reflects a clear and structured thesis.”


“It is a quick read and you will be glued to each page. I can’t give this book high enough marks. Highly recommended!”



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